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Counselling & Mentoring
Richard Hersley has provided 12 Step and personal help and support to individuals and families experiencing addictions for over 18 years. He has worked with individuals, family and groups, about the causes and effects of addictions and support for families dealing with addictions and/or referrals to treatment for individuals requesting this opportunity.

Richard is also familiar with other services and resources in our community and has worked closely to provide information and support when required.

He maintains standards of conduct, is respectful and possess cultural awareness and sensitivity. He is flexible and demonstrate sound work ethics and he is consistent and fair.

Richard has taught many workshops, classes and courses to amateurs and professionals alike. Classes range from early to advanced 12 Step work to advanced communications in media. He has taught special interest groups – from First Nations to government to PhDs – in many areas, from television production to writing. He has used his professional training and many years experience in acting and comedy wisely and is very comfortable in front of a classroom or audience.

Richard Hersley completed undergraduate work at the University of Winnipeg and went on to graduate work at the University of Manitoba. He has been using his listening, writing and communications skills ever since.

Richard has worked with me intensely for 2 years and has changed my life!
Patrick L. - Vancouver

I am drug and alcohol free for the first time in 20 years and Richard has been a BIG part of this change.
Colin S. - Vancouver

Wow! I never knew life could be so great! Thanks for your help and your part in this Richard!
Craig S. - Vancouver Island

I am still struggling - and Richard is there for me. Its so good to know someone understands.
Andy C. - Vancouver



Fear-Less. Its possible. So many of us carry fear with us like an old package that we have always carried. We do not know why we have carried it. Only that we may have always carried it. One day, today maybe, we really start to look at that old bundle and slowly unwrap it to gaze at what is inside. We take out the false feelings and the fake objects that lay deep within the package and we throw those things into the light on the table in front of us and really start to see them for the first time. We can see now that they have no power over us. That they are not real. That they never have been real. Then we can fear-less.




richard hersley


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