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Face Everything and Recover




Its time to tell the TRUTH. Let's thnk about it. What do you have to lose? I mean really. You have lived with this shit, these lies for so long and what has it done for you. Who are you protecting - are they really loyal to you?

Tell the TRUTH about eveything but especially what happened to you. The old rules, "Don't Talk About This!" need not apply anymore. Think about it. Why would you be abiding by them? We know it has been "drummed" into you to "not talk" about your past, your life, your childhood, the shit that happened to you - but now it is time to break out of those rules. Its time to grow beyond your fear by SPEAKING ...


Get a counsellor, a close and trustworthy friend or someone else you can trust - or join a group if you feel you can speak in front of the group honestly.. TELL them what happened to you. TELL them all the facts as YOU remember them. Do not worry about what others think (especially your family of origin). Its time to TELL everything that happened to you that may have filled you with FEAR.